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What we believe in

“Iuris praecepta sunt haec: honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere.”

Ulpiano, Regularum in Digesto liber I, 10



Patrimoni e trust

Wealth Planning, Trust, and Generational Transitions

We offer legal, corporate, and tax advice and assistance in planning personal and business assets, from a domestic and cross-border perspective.

fiscalità di impresa

Corporate and Corporate Groups Taxation

Management of complex issues for corporate and corporate group taxation, including issues with subjects who adopt the IAS / IFRS principles and with financial, banking, and insurance institutions.

M&A and Corporate Reorganizations

We have extensive experience in extraordinary legal, corporate, and tax advice on national and cross-border corporate reorganizations.

Legal dispute

We provide assistance and representation of the taxpayer in reimbursement procedures, tax audits, tax assessments, in the out-of-court settlement of the tax claim

fiscalità finanziaria

Financial Taxation

We offer counsel on the tax aspects of operations in vigor on the stock and capital markets, and tax assistance in structured finance operations.

Real estate taxation

We provide consultancy on tax issues relating to real estate transactions, in the residential, commercial, and renewable energy sectors.

From our customers

  • “The skills of the lawyer Mitidieri are of particular depth and quality not only in the tax field, which mainly characterizes her profession but also in contiguous contexts such as, in particular, the legal corporate one. The lawyer Mitidieri also stands out, for her upright personal and deontological correctness.”

    Tax Service Manager
  • “”…In 2011, during a constant contractual relationship, the lawyer Mitidieri has profitably contributed to the resolution of the complex issues gradually brought to her attention, problems of the most varied legal typology, ranging from company law to tax law, with important passages on bankruptcy and administrative matters. It should be emphasized that the complexity and novelty of the cases in question in the commissioner’s activity have often required for their definition interventions of a regulatory nature, even primary…”

    Special Commissioner
  • “…we certify that the lawyer Mitidieri has spent, personally, as well as through her collaborators, in the analysis and solution of the aforementioned and delicate issues of legal nature – accounting, tax, corporate and, in general, of interpretation of primary and secondary legislation, to be able to reconcile the stringent operational requirements with the utmost respect for the legislative expression”.

    General Accountant

About us

"We had the opportunity to appreciate the professional qualities of Attorney Cristina Mitidieri in the context of accounting and tax auditing ... both during the periodic tax audits and during the corporate and extraordinary transactions that involved a bank. The skills of legal practitioner Mitidieri have been of particular depth and with a high-level knowledge of tax legislation. Moreover, she has distinguished herself for personal and ethical correctness... "
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    Our strengths are confidentiality, reliability, the constant pursuit of excellence in the quality of services, and the tailored solutions suitable for individual customers.

    We are accustomed to multidisciplinarity and for this reason, we work perfectly as a team, whether in the context of integrated projects, where we witness the co-presence of other trusted professionals of our clients.


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